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Lindsay, a 2010 graduate, has been working her first real job for four months now. For over ten weeks, Lindsay and the Employment Team at Community Involvement Programs was struggling to find a good fit for the unemployed shy 21 year old. After meeting with cake designers, dollhouse stores, the Children’s Theater Co., and wedding planners, a small business owner seemed to have the exact ideal conditions of employment that the Discovery Process seeks.

Mannequin in Motion is a local business that provides live mannequins, strolling tables and other quirky forms of entertainment in the Twin Cities. This small business encompasses Lindsay’s interests, skills and desires while exceeding all expectations for the Discovery Process. The owner of the company, Loren Daniels is an eccentric woman with an eye for talent.

Lindsay in a Halloween Costume
During the first interview at a local coffee shop, Loren immediately took to Lindsay and asked questions about her passions, interests and dreams. “What are your goals for the entertainment business?” asked Loren. After some contemplation, Lindsay’s face lit up and happily responded that she would love to learn how to use a sewing machine, create costumes and how to apply make-up. “Well, we can make that happen,” said Loren with a wink.

Lindsay mentioned to Loren that she loved Halloween and that she had made her own Halloween costumes in the past. Loren immediately asked for copies of the costume pictures and invited Lindsay to be a part of her Halloween Gala in downtown Minneapolis.

Lindsay Applying makeup to a performer
In Loren’s line of business, the costumes, make-up and themes need to be carefully choreographed and planned. Loren seemed very enthusiastic to get some greatly-needed help in her home office. After some discussion about Lindsay’s goals, Loren pulled out a small photo album with pictures of her costumes and mannequins. Several of the costumes really caught Lindsay’s eye and while the two were looking through the pictures, Lindsay’s rarely-seen smile was shining. Once the two felt comfortable together, Loren described to Lindsay the role she’d like her play in the business.

Lindsay Applying makeup to a performer
As an Assistant Project Manager, Lindsay will help pick out fabrics, make-up and props while keeping an eye on the models to see if they need a break or water. Loren also wants Lindsay to perform at several events this fall. As previously mentioned, during the first interview Lindsay showed Loren costumes that she had made in previous years and Loren immediately asked her to perform for her Halloween Gala this fall. In this job, Lindsay not only gets to showcase her organizational skills, love for color and costumes, but she will learn the ways of show business with an exceptional mentor as her boss.