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My first jobs were in fast food. I also had some cleaning jobs. And then there was more fast food. I didnít like these jobs because they were boring, the same thing every day.

I joined in on the Discovery Process and I liked it. We went to many different businesses and talked to them about their business to get advice. The themes that we decided on were electronics, moving materials, and animals. I am really good at using computers, cell phones, CD players, iPods/MP3 players, and video games. I like working in a warehouse setting. I like opening the boxes; itís like Christmas all over again. Which items are shipping in that day? Itís always a surprise! I have always been interested in MN Wildlife because my grandparents live up in Virginia, MN where I would visit and go camping and see a lot of animals. The manager of my employment program interviewed my parents and learned a lot about me.

Ryan in the Warehouse
The job I have right now was not an open position. It was not posted anywhere and I did not fill out an application to get an interview. Instead, we went in and talked to the manager at Walgreens and I was hired on the spot. I have been working at Walgreens since September 2010 and it's going good. I work in the back warehouse area of the store and bring out items to stock the shelves. Recently I started getting pretty comfortable with the routine. My staff noticed this and had a meeting with my supervisor and me. We talked about the timeline they had set up when I started working and made sure that new tasks are going to be taught to me on a regular basis. During Discovery the employment manager learned from the interview with my parents that I have been most successful when I learn new things regularly. Like I said, I am really good with electronics so learning tasks like the scan gun, the cash register, and the photo lab are all on the timeline. I am excited to have new things thrown at me!

Ryan Stocking Shelves
My advice to anyone interested in finding a job is that you have to keep looking until you find the right fit. Learning about who you are is more important than what the job is. When you learn about yourself and find the right fit you can stay in that job long term. When you go into a business knowing who you are and what you have to offer, it is a lot easier than going into a business trying to fit the opening that they have. You can be as picky as you want to be in order to find the right fit.